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Turn your smartphone into a digital puppet - get your free kit posted out!

For the first time in 2021, we have engaged an artist through national callout to create a bespoke Digital Puppetry Commission as part of the festival. Iain McCall pitched an accessible, digital puppet which audiences can interact with using their own smartphones at home - and the results are ready to be revealed!

Bring your smartphone to life as a Mobile Mindfulness Coach. Sign-up for a FREE kit to give it arms, legs, ears and a charming personality.

Sit your new friend on your desk or coffee table and hear what they have to say for themself.

Brought to you in part by our robotic friends in cyberspace: The Mechanical Guild of Keyboards and Screens.

We have up to 100 kits to give away for FREE to 100 households in the UK. All we need is some postal details from you and will can send you out your kit in early August 2021.

All we ask in return is that you have fun with the kit and send us some feedback once you've had a go.

To sign up for your free kit, click the button below:


Meet the artist!

Iain McCall, who has created the smartphone puppet kits, will join us for a chat as part of Scratch Stream 3. Join us on Friday 13th August, 7pm (BST) online to hear about Iain's career and inspiration, as well as performances from artists taking part in the 2021 Scratch Space. Find out more by clicking here.


A huge thank you to Arts Council England for making the 2021 Digital Puppetry Commission (and the wider festival)possible.

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