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We regularly run workshops and community projects in the North East of England so that everyone has access to puppetry and creative expression. Below you will find some examples of the workshops we have on offer than can be booked for your group.
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Create your own simple rod puppet using bamboo, material, cardboard and foam. Develop design and sculpting skills by choosing what head to carve out of your block of foam using scissors - a human? an alligator? an alien from the plant Galtraxia?! It's up to you! Once you've finished constructing your rod puppet there will be the opportunity to decorate it with whatever bits and bobs you can find before adding the all important eyes so it can see! 

This workshop is a 2 hour session for ages 6 and up. The session involves the use of scissors to carve the puppet head and hands from recycled foam. All tools and materials provided.