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We regularly run workshops and community projects in the North East of England so that everyone has access to puppetry and creative expression. Below you will find some examples of previous projects we have run or been partners on.
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The benefits of puppetry

Puppetry is an inherently accessible, expressive and inclusive creative activity. As the puppet is an extension of the body (as opposed to acting and dancing where the performers themselves are the focus), the art form encourages freedom of expression, builds confidence and is a neutral medium to explore difficult topics and themes. Puppetry is often non-verbal, focusing on movement, enabling it to break down language, demographic and cultural barriers, allowing unlikely participants to connect through creativity and exploration.

Get in touch

If you are a North East of England-based club, organisation, school, college or community group and would like to chat about introducing puppetry to your community then please do get in touch. We can offer workshops in puppet making and performance from our menu of trailed and tested options or can even tailor something special just for you. We also run regular participatory performances where the local community can get fully involved in creating exciting, colourful and bold theatre (see Tyne Rising 2021 as an example). Email info@movingpartsarts.com for more information on getting involved in puppetry and Moving Parts Arts.

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“I can transfer these new found skills to my core modules in performance and acting. I think that it is important that this happens again for future generations of college students.”

– 2017 Education Project participant

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Education Projects

We run education projects in partnership with Life and Limb Puppets and local schools and colleges to introduce puppetry into the curriculum and inspire the next generation of North East puppeteers. In 2017 we partnered with Newcastle College and in 2019 and 2021 with Northern School of Art. Students attend a series of workshops run by Life and Limb Puppets covering the basics of performance and making, before creating their own short acts which are presented at the festival.