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At every edition of Newcastle Puppetry Festival we run a Meet the Puppeteers Q+A series which puts leading puppeteers, theatremakers and puppet makers in the hot seat so audiences and artists can ask their burning questions. Interviewed by our resident digital specialist Matt Wood, we try and include four artists/companies in each edition of the talks series to give a varied picture of the puppetry industry.
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“It’s so useful to be able to just talk to practitioners and feel validated in our practice”

– 2017 audience member

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2023 videos

Alison Duddle

Alison Duddle has 18 years experience creating puppets for stage, screen and parades around the UK and internationally.

Mark Pitman

Garlic Theatre is an award winning, international visual theatre company that has toured to 21 countries outside the UK.

Marc Parrett

Marc Parrett of The OBJECT Project is a puppetry director, designer, performer and maker who has performed across the UK, Europe and Australia.

Caroline Ada

Caroline Ada of Swallow Wings Puppetry combines her 20 years of teaching experience with puppetry practice to produce work based in real life stories.

Josse Vessies

International stars of puppetry, the Duda Paiva Company have performed their extensive and unique repertoire around the world.

2021 videos

Brian Herring

Brian is perhaps best known as the lead puppeteer for BB-8 in Star Wars VII-IX as well as numerous other puppets and animatronic creations throughout the saga.

Nik Palmer

3 years ago Nik decided to explore what CAD and 3D printing technology could bring to puppet design and construction. This has resulted in some highly articulate and unique puppets named Filabods which have been selling worldwide over the last year.

Lesley-anne Rose

Lesley-anne Rose is an independent film maker specialising in stop motion puppet animation. As well as having an interest in bizarre and surreal stories, Lesley-anne works with people from diverse and underrepresented communities to tell the stories less commonly told,

Laura Mathews

Laura Mathews designs and makes articulated animals sculptures and puppets. Their work focuses on bio-mimicry and creating truly convincing impressions of life, studying the skeleton and muscular structures in depth.

2019 videos

Headstrung Puppets

Moving Parts 'Meet The Practitioners Series' 2019 - Headstrung Puppets

Merlin Puppet Theatre

Moving Parts 'Meet The Practitioners Series' 2019 - Merlin Puppet Theatre

Hop Signor Puppet Theatre

Moving Parts 'Meet The Practitioners Series' 2019 - Hop Signor Puppet Theatre

Judith Hope Puppet Maker

Moving Parts 'Meet The Practitioners Series' 2019 - Judith Hope Puppet Maker

2017 videos

Stephen Mottram

Stephen Mottram - Meet the Practitioner Series, Moving Parts 2017

Gavin Glover

Gavin Glover - Meet the Practitioners Series, Moving Parts 2017

Blind Summit Theatre (Fiona Clift)

Blind Summit Theatre (Fiona Clift) - Meet the Practitioners Series, Moving Parts 2017

Steve Jarand

Meet the Practitioner Series, Moving Parts 2017

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