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Aims and Values

Our work at Moving Parts Arts is at its best when it is collaborative, accessible and celebratory.
Puppetry is an inherently accessible, expressive and inclusive creative activity. As the puppet is an extension of the body (as opposed to acting or dancing where the performer themselves are the focus), the art form encourages freedom of expression, builds confidence and is a neutral medium to explore difficult topics and themes. Puppetry is often non-verbal, focusing on movement, enabling it to break down language, demographic and cultural barriers, allowing unlikely participants to connect through creativity and expression.
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“This was the only time in my week when I felt totally absorbed and happy. I was astonished to find that my chronic pain lessened during the classes”

– Puppet School participant, 2021

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Moving Parts Arts was founded:​​

  • To build and develop a community, audience and base for puppetry in the North East of England.

  • To improve the wellbeing of North East of England people through puppetry engagement and experiences.

  • To represent the North East of England in puppetry on a national and international platform.


Moving Parts Arts believes:

  • Puppetry is for everyone and brings people together.

  • Puppetry is a unique art form that offers unique experiences.

  • Puppetry is diverse, inclusive and accessible.

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“It was a wonderful experience and it was so exciting watching the whole show come together. I’ve made some new friends and I’m going to learn to play the drums.”

– Tyne Rising participant, 2021

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