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Do you have an event coming up which could be enhanced by a unique puppetry experience?
Help us fulfil our charitable aims by booking one of our puppetry performances for you event. We also offer workshops and can run bespoke projects for you group.
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"The CHILDREN couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a giant blue elephant stomping around the festival!! Thank you to Moving Parts Arts for bringing this to life!"

– Hartlepool Waterfront Festival

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Elephant Rock was originally commissioned by Hartlepool Borough Council and was made by Jo Feijo.

This big, bold and beautiful elephant has brought joy to children, adults and families around the North East since being born in 2022. Elephant Rock was inspired by the famous elephant-shaped rock of the same name that stood on the beach near Hartlepool, before it was washed away into the sea 1891. This puppet shows Elephant Rock brought back to life, emerging from the ocean once again over 100 years later. Operated by 3 performers, this walkabout act is certain to make a big impact at your event and offer a unique experience to everyone it meets.

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Through partnership with Tatwood Puppets.

What happens when you’re on holiday and a mischievous cephalopod washes up on the beach? ‘The Squid and the Sea’ will take you from eating calamari on the sands, to discovering hidden wonders of the ocean depths. Featuring a unique 16-foot giant squid puppet made by Judith Hope, music by Hannabiell Sanders, and direction from Kathleen Yore, Tatwood Puppets' interactive, tentacle-filled clown and movement piece is sure to make a big splash at your next event.

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We regularly run workshops and community projects in the North East of England so that everyone has access to puppetry and creative expression. Puppetry is an inherently accessible, expressive and inclusive creative activity. As the puppet is an extension of the body (as opposed to acting and dancing where the performers themselves are the focus), the art form encourages freedom of expression, builds confidence and is a neutral medium to explore difficult topics and themes. Puppetry is often non-verbal, focusing on movement, enabling it to break down language, demographic and cultural barriers, allowing unlikely participants to connect through creativity and exploration.