with performances from Pypedau Vagabondi Puppets, Freddie Hayes, Roos Buskes and Q+A with Iain McCall, Digital Puppetry Commission 2021 artist.

Location: Online via Crowdcast

Date: Friday 13th August 2021

Time: 7pm (British Summer Time) | Approx. 90 mins

Cost: 'Pay What You Can' on the day by donation
(booking essential)

Age recommendation: Various - see individual age recommendations for each show below


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About the Moving Parts Scratch Space

The Moving Parts Scratch Space is a platform for puppet / visual theatre creators to try out new work to collect feedback from audiences. ‘Scratch’ means that the work showcased can be early on in its development - it doesn’t need to be a fully-realised piece. Think of it like a sketch. It is a space to experiment, to play, to test ideas and a chance to include audiences in the development process. 

Scratch Stream 3 featuring:



by Freddie Hayes (of York, England)

Age recommendation: 16+ to adults

Length: Approx. 25 mins

Potatohead is a hilariously bizarre adaptation of Doctor Faustus and the Seven Deadly Sins. This unique solo performance by puppeteer Freddie Hayes tells the story of a humble spud who dreams of becoming a cabaret superstar. But how does a couch potato grow to become a golden wonder?


This original new writing blends puppetry, clowning and cabaret for highly entertaining and joyful performance. Potatohead is an unadulterated celebration of silliness. Guaranteed you haven’t seen anything quite like this before.

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Tales I Was Told To Tell

by Pypedau Vagabondi Puppets (of Ceinws, Cymru/Wales)

Age recommendation: 4+ years

Length: Approx. 15 mins

In “ Tales I Was Told To Tell”  Welsh storytelling puppet company, Vagabondi transport you to a land of snow and ice where we discover who is the swan goddesses most ferocious protector? What has that got to do with the great reindeer migration? And who initially told the “ Tales I Was Told To Tell.“ ?


This show has been specially designed for an online platform and was initially developed at the Virtual Puppet Residency.


Is the pecking of a woodpecker enough for the illusion of a heartbeat?

by Roos Buskes (of The Netherlands)

Age recommendation: 8+ years

Length: Approx. 15 mins

This surrealist piece of puppetry draws you into the world of a small creature and the woodpecker that lives inside its birdcage torso. Its internal and external world seems to become indistinguishable as our little friends tries to understand their relation to the bird in his chest.


Is the pecking of a woodpecker enough for the illusion of a heartbeat?


The little universe build from shadows, wire, existential doubts and an old suitcase becomes alive through cranky theatre and a combination of shadow- and table top puppetry.


Digital Puppetry Commission 2021

by Iain McCall (of Bristol)

New for 2021 we are running a Digital Puppetry Commission as part of the festival. This is in response to COVID-19 and how the face of arts delivery has changed in the past couple of years. That being said, digital puppetry isn't going away anytime soon - we want to carry this commissioning strand forward in future editions as an integral part of the Moving Parts recipe.

Iain McCall was chosen as the artist to carry out the 2021 commission. We will be premiering his piece at this Scratch Stream night along with a short Q+A.

Read more about the commission by clicking here.

Unexpected Item Excerpt_Moment.jpg

A shot from one of Iain's portfolio pieces, 'Unexpected Item' 

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