Applications have now closed for this commission. Thank you to all who have applied.


Artist Fee

£1,500 fee + £100 towards materials and/or music licensing

What is digital puppetry?

Digital puppetry can be many things and is very much open to interpretation. A live-streamed show may use real puppets against the backdrop of a green screen. A handheld camera following a puppet-led story may take the audience on a journey not possible in a seated theatre. The puppets in the piece may be built by a 3D printer, laser cutter or exist only in virtual reality. Stop-motion animation passages may be infused with live puppetry. Digital puppetry can be low-fi or slick and shiny; can mix old techniques with new techniques; has the potential to reach new audiences - the focus of this commission is experimentation.


How will the work be presented?

The work created as a result of the commission will be shared with audiences online through Moving Parts Arts’ website and social media channels as part of Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival 2021. Depending on what is created, this may be a pre-recorded video upload, a live-stream performance or something else entirely. We will adapt to the artists needs with the resources we have available. In any circumstances where the piece is shared, the artist will be clearly credited.


How long should the piece be?

This is very much up to the artist but we imagine something between 4-10 minutes. Depending on what is created this could be shorter or longer. 


How much is the fee?

The fee is £1,500. We’re able to contribute a further £100 on top of this to go towards the cost of materials and/or music licensing. We expect the created piece of work and the time the artist puts into the project to reflect this figure. We have equated this to approximately 10 days @ £150 per day. Although the commission fee can be spent by the artist however they wish, we would strongly recommend the successful artist to ensure that they are budgeting to pay themselves appropriately for the time spend on the project.


When would the piece of work need to be created by?

The piece of work will be shared with audiences in the first half of August 2021 so the work will need to be completed by the end of July 2021 at the latest.


Who can apply?

Due to funding stipulations, the successful candidate must be based in the UK. We particularly welcome applications from those who feel their voices are underrepresented in puppetry, theatre and animation.


What tools do I need to fulfil the commission?

If you do not have fancy equipment please do not let this put you off applying! The piece of work could all be filmed on a smartphone, it could be filmed in your house, or outside - as long as you are confident that you can utilise what equipment you have access to then we want to hear from you! Unfortunately we are unable to provide access to any equipment so you will need to source what you need to fulfil the commission. 


How do I apply?

Applications have now closed for this commission. Thank you to all who have applied.

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