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Transgression & Transfiguration:
Object Theatre Performance Workshop for Adults

The OBJECT Project



10am - 5pm 1 day workshop for adults. Transgression and Transfiguration - an in-depth exploration of the life and soul of an object, led by Marc Parrett of the OBJECT Project. In this one day, hands-on performance workshop we’ll play with objects and materials and release their hidden stories. We’ll explore our often surprising emotional attachment to ‘things’ and poke about in that liminal space between puppetry and inanimate object. We’ll also ask important questions like why is the umbrella such a useful theatrical tool and is the demise of an iced bun a tragedy, or comedy?

420 mins

Adults / Ages 18+


Wed 12th April, 10:00am



Newcastle Arts Centre

Newcastle Arts Centre, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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