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The Wild Beasts of Silly

Jo Feijó



Supported by Moving Parts Arts and Arts Council England through the Scratch Space opportunity – a platform for puppetry artists to try out new work. The Wild Beasts of Silly came into this world when Young Caroline, bored out of her mind, sneezed into a packet of sweets. Her frustration and boredom, mixed with the intensity of a powerful sneeze, created a portal so strong it brought to us the keepers of sacred silliness: Shamans from the world of the imagined.

Ever since then the Wild Beasts of Silly roam the earth, hoping to harness enough silliness that they might travel back. Gathering all children and adults in acts of such pointless stupidity they might rip a whole in space and time, allow them a way back to their home dimension.

30 mins

All ages

FREE! (no booking required)

Sun 31st March, 12:45pm
Sun 31st March, 3:00pm



Ouseburn Farm / Seven Stories

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