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Strings and Things: Marionette Performance Workshop for Adults

Noisy Oyster



10am - 5pm 2 day workshop for adults. A workshop for beginners to intermediate level. Participants will be guided through operation exercises and techniques to achieve believable marionette manipulation.

The workshop will also incorporate the mechanics of marionette movement, and how different aspects such as the control, the stringing of the puppet, its weight, clothing, etc. affects its capabilities. The limitations, pitfalls, and solutions for using marionettes in live performance will also be discussed. Noisy Oyster will be bringing their 3D printed marionettes for use during the workshop as well as trick marionettes from their circus marionette show.

840 mins

Adults / Ages 18+

£120 (inclusive of both days)

Mon 10th April, 10:00am



Newcastle Arts Centre

Newcastle Arts Centre, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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