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SITIO Compagnie



This show will have LIVE CAPTIONS to improve accessibility. Fresh from the World Puppet Festival and a UK premiere, Ascension is a visceral and cerebral spectacle for adults and teens. A man lives in a business district at the foot of the highest tower. He used to work on the 88th floor. The highest one. He was one of these men dressed in a black suit, who walked quickly to save time, save money, and increase value...but no more. He now longs to redeem himself, both professionally and personally; and regain his social status and the love of his former colleague Barbara. Till then, he is enjoying the sincere friendship of his friend Horace. He is an elephant who protects him and holds him tight with his trunk. Although Horace is imaginary, he is also quite real. Will Horace help the Man to get back to the 88th floor? And to undertake his social and spiritual quest of ascension?

70 mins

Ages 12+ / adults

£12 standard / £10 conc

Sat 6th April, 7:00pm


Northern Stage

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