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6-day Glove Puppet Making Workshop for adults: Guide Through the Unspoken

Raven Kaliana



Puppetry has long been associated with translation between the veil of the worlds – puppets can transport, and transgress. Jane Henson once said, 'Puppets are places for the disembodied spirits within us to go'. Learn to make your own glove puppet Guide for exploring folk tales, fantasy, myth, comedy, contemporary stories, and the realms of your own imagination. Built around the shape of your hand, the puppet communicates through the primal and universal language of movement. A glove puppet can pick up or carry a prop onstage, and two puppets can be worked by one puppeteer. Over the course, we'll discuss how one might adapt the concepts to your own journey through theatre, events, storytelling, and workshops. Raven Kaliana taught puppet making at Little Angel Theatre for many years, and works freelance as a director and puppet builder.

420 mins

Ages 18+

£240 (includes all days & materials) 33% off! Was £360 originally

Mon 1st April, 10:00am
Tue 2nd April, 10:00am
Wed 3rd April, 10:00am
Thu 4th April, 10:00am
Fri 5th April, 10:00am
Sat 6th April, 10:00am


Great North Museum: Hancock

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