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2-day Applied Puppetry Workshop for adults: The Hero's Journey - Puppetry and Human Experience

Alison McGowan / PuppetShip



This applied puppetry Masterclass explores using existing narrative structures such as ‘The Hero’s Journey’ (as identified by the American mythologist Joseph Campbell), to underpin storytelling with puppets, objects and materials.

Over two days, participants will learn some puppetry performance and making skills alongside ways of listening to stories and transposing them into imagery and puppet theatre.

Through staging and reworking our puppet narratives we will clarify our intentions as storytellers, while leaving space for the story to take shape in the mind of the audience.

Considerations for applying narrative puppet work with groups in different settings will be explored, such as for therapeutic group work and community arts.

420 mins

Ages 18+

£120 (includes both days & materials)

Mon 1st April, 10:00am
Tue 2nd April, 10:00am


Great North Museum: Hancock

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