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More information and FAQs

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Tyne Rising seating bubbles chart for reference.

This is what you will see when you choose your tickets on the booking site.

City Stadium site
Seating Bubbles
Arrival Times
Entrance gates

6. Facilities

There will be portaloo toilets on site, with a wheelchair-friendly toilet complete with baby-change facility. 

There will be a number of hand-wash and sanitising stations around the site.


Drinking water points will be provided but bottles must be brought by audience members.

There will be a buggy park for pushchairs.   


No food will be provided onsite.


No chairs or blankets will be provided for the grass seating bubbles so audience members are encouraged to bring fold-out chairs or picnic blankets if desired.  

The first aid and lost children point can be found near the entrance at the north of the site. 

5. Accessibility

The North Gate entrance is the accessible entrance to the site. This entrance is accessed via a tarmac path from Warwick Street or Newington Road. There is a steady incline downwards into the grass stadium from the path. We will run tracking down the centre of the grass stadium (dark grey strip on the left of the chart above).


We have four designated wheelchair-friendly bubbles for wheelchair users. These are A1 and B1 (burgundy bubbles) and F1 and G1 (salmon pink bubbles). These four bubbles are closest to the tracking down the centre of the site. Close to these bubbles on the other side of the tracking will be the accessible portaloo toilets and hand-wash facilities.


There is some limited disabled parking spaces reserved for audience members. The disabled entrance drop off point is on Newington Road if parking is not needed. Please get in touch to reserve a disabled parking bay or discuss any accessibility requirements: 

All portaloo toilets on site are gender neutral. 

We are currently planning to create Tyne Rising to be a non-verbal show that is accompanied by music. If it becomes clear in the creation process that scripted speech will be included in the show, then we will consider the best options of make the show more accessible to D/deaf and hard of heading audience members.

4. Entrance gates

There are two entrance gates to the site and your designated entrance gate will depend on which seating bubble you book. 


The East Gate is off Newington Road near Hotspur Primary School. 

The North Gate is next to the cycle path that runs along the grassy area next to Warwick Street.


There will be stewards and clear signage to help you to the right place on the day so as long as you arrive at City Stadium you will be directed to the right entrance gate!  

3. Arrival times

We are staggering arrival times for audience members to ensure social distancing and to limit queuing time.

Each block of seating bubbles has a designated arrival time. We have separated these by colour on the seating chart above. You can select the right bubble for you on the ticket site when you are ready to book tickets. The closer to the front that you choose to sit the earlier you will need to arrive.


11am shows: These arrival times range from 10am, 10.10am, 10.20am, 10.30am and 10.40am. 

3pm shows: These arrival times range from 2pm, 2.10pm, 2.20pm, 2.30pm and 2.40pm.

Please consider these arrival times when choosing your bubble on the ticket site seating chart. If you arrive early for your slot you may be asked to queue. There will be music and performers in the space from an hour before the show start time so there will be something to look at and listen to even if you are one of the first ones there!

2. Seating bubbles

Each of the coloured squares on the chart above is a marked out 'bubble' and can host from 1-6 people, including kids and carers. Each bubble is 2m apart from one another. This is a grass field site and no seating will be provided. We encourage audiences to bring picnic blankets and fold out chairs if desired.

You will select your ticket by choosing a bubble on the seating plan, which is viewable on the ticket site. There is a key on there to help you understand the colour coding, which is to signify your arrival time. Read section 3 below for more information on arrival times. 

1. City Stadium site and our stewards

City Stadium is a greenfield site which we are turning into a performance space for Tyne Rising. It was originally designed as a sports area and has a large central grassy oval area with a running track. City Stadium is nestled between Warwick Street to the north and Newington Road to the east.


Audience members will be seated in the central oval and the performance will take place on the raised banks around the oval edges and in the marked-out corridors within the audience seating area. We are fencing off the perimeter of the whole site for the duration of the event to ensure the safety of performers and audience members.


Our stewards will be easily identifiable by hi-vis jackets. Please do not hesitate to ask questions on the day if you are unsure of anything. You can always get in touch beforehand by emailing 

Travel and Parking
Pay What You Can

9. Covid-19 and safety

This event has been built with Covid-19 safety in mind. We still need audience members to help us keep the event as safe as possible.

Face coverings, unless exempt, must be worn on arrival, during queuing and entrance into the site. Once you have entered your seating bubble face coverings are no longer necessary unless desired. Face coverings must be worn when moving around the site, such as when using the toilets, hand wash facilities or drinking water points.


The seating bubble layout has been carefully designed so that each bubble is 2m away from neighbouring bubbles. Audience members are not allowed to move between or combine bubbles while on site.


Facilities, such as portaloo toilets, will be frequently cleaned by our team. Hand wash facilities are available to audiences members for use during the event. 


We are maintaining a 'no touch' ticketing method where the QR code on tickets will be scanned for validation. Tickets can be displayed on an electronic device or a print out. 


For audience and crew safety, we will also be carrying out bag checks on entry to the site. 

The first aid and lost children point can be found near the entrance at the north of the site. No dogs are allowed on the site apart from assistance dogs.

Exit to the site will be the same as the entrance. Readmission to the site is not permitted after exit.

10. Pay What You Can and ticketing options

This event is organised by Moving Parts Arts, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to bring joy and creativity to the North East through puppetry. Our goal is to make amazing events like this accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Tyne Rising is a 'Pay What You Can' event. All money raised through ticket sales goes directly towards the costs of putting on the event. Any extra raised will go towards Moving Parts Arts' community-focussed arts programs, such as the Moving Parts Puppet School.

Thank you for helping to bring the joy of puppetry to the North East!

Ticketing options for Tyne Rising:

    (1 to 6 people, including kids and carers) is £30.
    This works out at £5 per head if you are in a group of 6. Social distancing is possible within the bubbles.


    (1 to 6 people, including kids and carers) is £60.
    If you can afford to, please help another family / group attend the event who may not be able to afford a Standard Bubble and in doing so you contribute to making our work at Moving Parts Arts possible. This works out at £10 per head if you are in a group of 6. Social distancing is possible within the bubbles.


    (1 to 6 people, including kids and carers) is £0 or by donation.
    If you can't afford the full price ticket for a bubble, please select the Subsidised Bubble ticket option and donate whatever you can. Any amount makes a difference! All we ask is that you be honest with yourself and your financial situation when selecting this bubble. Choosing a free ticket or giving a smaller donation when you can afford full price means we may not be able to cover all the costs of this event.
    Social distancing is possible within the bubbles.

Tickets to the online stream event on the 31st August are free to book but donations will be gratefully accepted on the night.

8. Weather

This is an outdoor event so we recommend audience members to check the weather forecast and come prepared.


In the event of extreme weather we may be forced to cancel the event. This may be at short notice. We will contact audience members via the email address entered during the ticket booking process. We will also post updates on social media via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 


In the event that Tyne Rising has to be cancelled you will have the option of receiving a full refund.

7. Travel and Parking

There are no parking facilities close by to the site, aside from a small handful of disabled bays that are bookable by request.


We recommended audiences to arrive on foot or by public transport. There are a small number of bike rails along Newington Road.

Bus services:

Warwick Street has two bus stops which are served by the Route 1 and Route 32 buses. 


Chillingham Road in Heaton, which is a 20 minute walk from the site and Shields Road in Byker, which is a 15 minute walk from the site, are well-served with multiple bus routes, many travelling via the City Centre. There is also a well-served bus stop at Byker Bridge, which is a 12 minute walk from the site. For more info on buses see the Stagecoach website for details.


Metro services: 

The closest Metro station is Byker, which is a 15-minute walk from the site.  Jesmond and Manors Metro stations are a 17 minutes walk away and Chillingham Road station is a 23 minutes walk away. See the Metro website for details.


11. FAQs

What should I bring? 

  • A picnic blanket, cushions or fold-up chairs to sit on

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

  • Sun cream, an umbrella, sunglasses and other weather appropriate items

  • A water bottle so you can use our drinking water points

  • Your ticket on a phone or print out, including the QR code

What shouldn't I bring?

  • Alcohol or any illegal substances

  • Dogs apart from assistance dogs

  • BBQs

We cannot allow entry to anyone who:

  • Is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms

  • Is in the possession of alcohol or any illegal substances

  • Is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances

  • Does not have a valid pre-booked ticket

  • Refuses to cooperate with a bag check by licenced stewards on entry

We reserve the right to refuse entry or eject an audience member from the event if they demonstrate offensive, violent or disruptive behaviour; are in the possession of restricted or illegal items or are engaging in any unlicenced commercial or marketing activity.

Can I bring more than six people to sit in my bubble?

No. To keep the event safe for everyone all ticketed bubbles are restricted to 1-6 people including kids and carers. This is applicable even if your household or social bubble is bigger than six people. 

What do the colour codes mean on the seating chart?

The colour code blocks represent the different arrival times and associated entrance gates for the different seating bubbles. For example, the light purple squares on the right hand side near the front are for audience members arriving via the East Gate 1 hour before the show start time. On the ticket site when you are selecting your tickets via the seating chart, there is a key showing the different options available.  

Can I buy tickets on the door?

No. All tickets must be booked in advance via the ticket site. This is to ensure we can maintain safety and site capacity.

Does booking a ticket to the live event automatically give me access to the online stream on the 31st August?

No. But it is free to book onto the online stream event. Donations will be gratefully received on the night. Find out more about the online event here.

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