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Moving Parts Arts CIO is looking to commission an artist to create a short piece of stop motion animation.


Fee: £1,800 fee + £200 towards materials and/or music licensing


What is the commission?

Moving Parts Arts would like to commission an artist to create a piece of stop motion animation. The piece of work could be created using various disciplines or areas of expertise and can focus on whatever topics or stories the artist is interested in, however there are two requirements that must be met when creating the piece:


  1. It must be recognisable as stop motion animation from an audience point of view

  2. Our cast of Moving Parts characters must be central to the piece (see banner of characters in the footer of this website).


Other than these two requirements we really encourage the successful artist to let their imaginations run wild, have fun and produce something that is true to their style.


How will the work be presented?

The results of the commission will be shared with audiences in-person and/or online as part of Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival 2023. The piece may also be shared at future live editions of the festival or as part of other live-streamed events we produce. In any circumstances where the piece is shared, the artist will be clearly credited.


How long should the commissioned piece be?

This is very much up to the artist but we imagine something between 2-5 minutes. Depending on what is created this could be shorter or longer. 


How much is the fee?

The fee is £1,800. We’re able to contribute a further £200 on top of this to go towards the cost of materials and/or music licensing. We expect the created piece of work and the time the artist puts into the project to reflect this figure. We have equated this to approximately 12 days @ £150 per day. The total of £2,000 can be spent by the artist however they wish.


When would the piece of work need to be created by?

The commission will be shared with audiences between 8th-16th April 2023 so the work will need to be completed by the end of March 2023 at the very latest, ideally sooner.


Who can apply?

Anyone who is a UK resident can apply to the commission. We particularly welcome applications from those who feel their voices are underrepresented in puppetry, theatre and animation, particularly Global Majority artists and disabled artists. The commission can be completed remotely.


What tools do I need to fulfil the commission?

If you do not have fancy equipment please do not let this put you off applying! However, you will need access to any equipment that is needed to realise your idea and for you to get the finished work to us. It could all be filmed on a smartphone or it could be filmed in a super high-tech home film studio - as long as you can utilise what you have access to then we want to hear from you.


How do I apply?

Send an expression of interest (maximum 2 x A4 pages), which includes links to examples of your previous work to Kerrin Tatman at 

Please include STOP MOTION COMMISSION in the email subject line.

It would be brilliant if you can outline any initial ideas that you have for the commission, even if these ideas are not fully formed.


Closing date: Sunday 15th January 2023 at 10pm
Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a Zoom chat to talk about their ideas further.
The selected artist will be chosen by the end of January.

You can view previous Stop Motion commissions here: 

This opportunity has been made possible through Arts Council England funding.

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