with performances from Indigo Moon Theatre, Ffion Pritchard, Team Väinämöine, Cia. PlastikOnírica and Harriett Bradbury

Location: Online via Crowdcast

Date: Friday 6th August 2021

Time: 7pm (British Summer Time) | Approx. 90 mins

Cost: 'Pay What You Can' on the day by donation
(booking essential)

Age recommendation: Various - see individual age recommendations for each show below


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About the Moving Parts Scratch Space

The Moving Parts Scratch Space is a platform for puppet / visual theatre creators to try out new work to collect feedback from audiences. ‘Scratch’ means that the work showcased can be early on in its development - it doesn’t need to be a fully-realised piece. Think of it like a sketch. It is a space to experiment, to play, to test ideas and a chance to include audiences in the development process. 

Scratch Stream 2 featuring:



by Indigo Moon Theatre (of Hull, England)

Age recommendation: 5+ to adults

Length: Approx. 25 mins

Meet Grey. Our journey begins as Grey finds themselves trapped inside a jar. They try to remember how they got there and how they could be free... 

SeedHeart tells the important tale of human impact on the environment and questions what we can do to restore our once green planet. 

Watch as our story unfolds (literally) from a single suitcase, and we follow Grey's journey to a better future with magical pop-ups, puppetry and interactive scenes.


Dear Heartbreak

by Ffion Pritchard (of Bangor, Cymru/Wales)

Age recommendation: 8+ years

Length: Approx. 10 mins

Ellie is a little unlucky in love. This sensitive little puppet wears her heart on her sleeve and, from time to time, grows to regret it. Determined to change her predicament, Ellie takes up her plight with Heartbreak. Ever the trickster, Heartbreak tells Ellie that she is wasting her time - who she needs to see is the lovely Acceptance! Ellie sets off of her quest, but encounters more than a few obstacles on her way.


A fun, heartfelt show for the whole family, Dear Heartbreak discusses love, loss and grief with whimsy and just a touch of magic.

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The Origin of the World

by Team Väinämöine (of Finland)

Age recommendation: 12+ years

Length: Approx. 20 mins

Warning: Contains partial nudity

Have we forgotten how it all started?


The Origin of the World is an adaptation of a story from Finnish mythology where the mother of the sea gives birth to the world and to a bird that then helps her shape nature, the land, the clouds, and the flora. The piece creates a juxtaposition of the human-nature relationship of the past and our current relationship to our environment. Have we forgotten that we are a part of nature? What would the mother of the sea think about Boris Johnson?


The performance displays natural elements, such as feathers, hair, and sand, on a performer’s skin. The Origin of The World combines the Nordic landscape and visual theatre in a unique way.

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by Cia. PlastikOnírica (of Brazil)

Age recommendation: All ages

Length: Approx. 5 mins

A miniature lambe-lambe show (theatre for one) presented inside a dome-shaped structure and inspired by the Japanese concept Ma間, which does not have an exact translation in Western culture but can be understood as a space between,"an empty place where all kinds of phenomena appear, pass and disappear" (Arata Isosaki)


In the beginning it was the Void, the power of infinite possibilities.


Life appears as a fragile alignment of signs, passes through the sands of time and disappears in the silence between two sounds, in the space between the past and the future.


A sensory and immersive experience invites the public to witness the creation of a microcosm that could be in the hole of a leaf eaten by an insect.

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Stop Motion Animation Commission 2021

by Harriett Bradbury (of Bristol)

The Stop Motion Animation Commission has become an integral part of the Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival recipe. The commission challenges artists to create a piece of stop motion animation in their own style using our cast of characters designed by Rachael Horner.

Harriett Bradbury was chosen as the 2021 artist to carry out the commission. We will be premiering her piece at this Scratch Stream night.

Read more about the commission by clicking here.

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