with performances from Bright Ong, Nudge Puppets, Krystal Puppet Theatre and students of the Northern School of Art

Location: Online via Crowdcast

Date: Saturday 31st July 2021

Time: 2.30pm (British Summer Time) | Approx. 90 mins

Cost: 'Pay What You Can' on the day by donation
(booking essential)

Age recommendation: Various - see individual age recommendations for each show below


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About the Moving Parts Scratch Space

The Moving Parts Scratch Space is a platform for puppet / visual theatre creators to try out new work to collect feedback from audiences. ‘Scratch’ means that the work showcased can be early on in its development - it doesn’t need to be a fully-realised piece. Think of it like a sketch. It is a space to experiment, to play, to test ideas and a chance to include audiences in the development process. 

Scratch Stream 1 featuring:


The Sultan's Palace ver 2.0 Beta

by Bright Ong (of Singapore)
First developed under The Artground's Groundbreakers Programme 2020

Age recommendation: 4-8 years

Length: Approx. 20 mins

Following the advice of his council of wise children, the Sultan will be opening up the palace grounds for special invited guests only! That means you!


You’ll get to experience the grand palace from the comfort of your home, from your media devices, with a little help from an adult (if you need to).


You’ll get to see the palace from a 360 degree point of view, and also interact with the occupants of the grounds. And knowing the Sultan, you probably will need to help him and the palace’s occupants solve some of their problems!


The Sultan’s Palace ver 2.0 Beta is a brand new exploration into creating a new genre of puppetry art in the digital realm. Drawing inspiration from the structures and aesthetics of Southeast Asian and Ottoman sultanates of the past; the show combines live-action performances with digital technology to become a: choose-your-own-adventure-360-live-action-puppet-show!


This version of the show is the first of its kind, and is a work in progress that will continue to develop and refine itself.


The "Sleepwell" Party

by Nudge Puppets (of Glasgow, Scotland)

Age recommendation: 2-6 years

Length: Approx. 20 mins

Dormouse and her best friends Bat and Ladybird are getting ready for hibernation and want to have a ‘Sleepwell’ party. They are trying hard to plan something special but can’t seem to agree on anything! They better hurry….they’re getting sleepy and winter is on its way.


The story is told using a handmade book, brought to life and lifted off the page through pop-ups and puppetry. Join the animals in a tale about having different opinions, missing your friends and magical dreams.


Gee-rafee and the Hanging Pot

by Krystal Puppet Theatre (of Kenya)

Age recommendation: 5+years

Length: Approx. 20 mins

Gee-rafee and the Hanging Pot is a story about a curious Giraffe who is trying to discover herself and the environment around her only to come across a mysterious pot that is hanging on a tree in someone’s homestead.


The only problem is Gee-rafee wasn’t aware of the unmarked boundaries between animals and humans. Mr Nzau had left the pot to collect water after a long drought hit the area. This did not go well with Nzau who took it as an invasion of his privacy and land, it is at this point where they have to resolve it amicably or fight it out.

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Education Project 2021 sharing

with students of the Northern School of Art
directed by Life and Limb Puppets

Developing the next generation of puppeteers in the North East of England region is a key cornerstone of Moving Parts Arts' aims and objectives. As part of every festival we run an Education Project with college students in the area to introduce puppet making and performance into the curriculum.

Life and Limb Puppets led four sessions at the Northern School of Art in May and June 2021 with performance and design students. These sessions allowed students to design and make their own puppets before devising short performances to try them out.  

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