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Adult Workshops announced for Moving Parts 2021

We are thrilled to announce two bespoke adult puppet making workshops as part of the 2021 festival. Kathleen Yore of Odd Doll Puppetry and Judith Hope Puppet Maker have created these two workshops specially for Moving Parts audiences. Both workshops take place online so can be accessed by puppet making enthusiasts from around the world.


Cast a Talking Head

Puppet Making Masterclass (5 sessions)

with Kathleen Yore of Odd Doll Puppetry

Develop your own unique style of sculpting a puppet head in clay, then create a one or two part plaster mould, before casting into latex or worbla. Explore operating methods for a movable mouth through lip sync or rod mechanisms then build in your extras; hair, teeth, eyes, horns etc. Finally, get inspired by different painting and finishing techniques.

Observe live, detailed demonstrations, then complete each stage at home, in your own time between classes. You can also join our online community group for communicating progress or asking questions. At the end of the course we will have a sharing so that we can enjoy your wonderful creations.


Into the Wilds

Beginner Puppet Making Workshop (3 sessions)

with Judith Hope Puppet Maker

Join this beginners workshop to learn to make a simple, upright animal rod puppet, using recycled and inexpensive, easily sourced materials. On the course you will learn some important elemental principles of puppet making, covering design and movement, structure, suitable materials and suggestions for aesthetics and decoration. The puppet design is fully articulated at the head, hips, shoulder, elbow and wrist.

You will create a basic structure that once learnt, can be further adapted for other upright table-top puppets. The workshop will consist of 3 tutorials, you will be learning through observation and taking notes with lots of opportunities to ask questions. The making will be done in your own time, in between workshops.

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