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You can help make puppetry accessible to all


Puppetry is for everyone. You can help bring joy and creativity to people in the North East of England by supporting Moving Parts Arts today. We operate in one of the most economically deprived areas of the country, which is why free and subsidised theatre is central to what we do. 


Puppetry brings people together. We bring puppetry to everyday people in everyday places. Giant puppets transform a busy shopping street and tiny characters perform at a hospital bedside. We bridge the divides in our communities through shared creative experiences.  


Moving Parts Arts is the only dedicated puppetry development organisation in the North East of England. Since 2017, our award-winning festival, community projects and puppet school have:


  • Inspired 74,709 audience members through the magic of puppetry

  • Trained 478 young people and adults in puppetry education

  • Engaged 174 local, national and international artists in our programs 


Your support is crucial. Moving Parts Arts has no guaranteed sources of funding. We are a non-for-profit run by a small but dedicated team of freelancers and volunteers.


Your donation will help us inspire more people in the region through our award-winning festival, community projects and puppet school. In a small organisation like ours, every penny really does count. Please give what you can today or join us with a monthly donation to support our work year-round.  



(No account needed!)

Thank you for contributing to our mission of making puppetry accessible to all in the North East of England.


“I think that the work Moving Parts is doing to connect with new, young audiences is fantastic.”

Festival audience member


“The students were enthralled with the activities set for them and engaged throughout. It was a great and interesting way to approach visual performance.”

Group leader of student participants


“My recent training in Newcastle has meant I really feel like a skilled puppeteer, which has made all the difference to my performance.”

Workshop participant

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