Entry categories:

  • Kids (aged 11 and under)

  • Teens (aged 16 and under)

  • Adults (aged 17 and over)


The competition closes on Monday 30th August 2021, midnight


Winners will receive a place on the Autumn Term of the Moving Parts Puppet School in their right age group (kids, teens and adults) along with a specially designed pop-up theatre and puppet making materials kit. Please note that if you have already signed up to the Puppet School, or were thinking of signing up anyway, and your entry to the competition wins a category then you will be refunded :)


All competition winners will be announced on the Tyne Rising online stream on Tuesday 31st August. You can sign up to watch the show stream online here


Win this pop-up puppet theatre + puppet making materials pack AND free entry onto the Puppet School Autumn Term courses!

How to enter:

  1. Print out and colour in one (or more!) of the sea creature puppet templates, downloadable via the PDF icons below. Or, design your own from scratch!

  2. Use pritt-stick or PVA glue to stick down your coloured template to a piece of thin card (such as cereal box card, not corrugated packaging card). Then wait for it to dry and cut it out carefully. Get an adult to help with cutting if you are under 16!

  3. Using sellotape stick down a chop stick, bit of bamboo, pencil or whatever you can find to the back...and then you have your sea creature puppet!

  4. Take a photo/video and post online using the hashtag #TyneRising. Send us an email with your picture, age and name to info@movingpartsarts.com so we can enter you into the competition. If you are coming along to Tyne Rising then bring you puppet with you to wave in your bubble as you watch!

Choose your sea creature!

Download your choice of sea creature to print via the PDF buttons below...or design your own from scratch!

1. Fish (cutting difficulty: easy)

2. Crab (cutting difficulty: medium)

3. Octopus (cutting difficulty: hard)

235473892_604894823836841_5787370840879509738_n (1).jpg
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