Furthering our passion for developing North East based artists, Moving Parts offers two bursary placements. These placements gain two North East artists full access to the high level training in either performance or making, as well as entry to all shows and events at no cost. Bursary holders take on a role in the delivery team, supported by the Festival Directors, which not only increases the festivals capacity but gives bursary holders essential experience in events management, arts administration and creative producing.



Members of Plastic Ashtray will participate in all four performance masterclasses with Merlin Puppet Theatre, Stephen Mottram's Animata, Indigo Moon theatre and Sian Kidd at the 2019 festival

Plastic Ashtray is a theatre company based in Newcastle which was recently formed by Matthew Nicholson and Calum Bruce. When presented with an opportunity to perform at Beverley Puppet Festival they both jumped at the chance and quickly set about creating their inaugural show Inspookters, a show combining puppetry, poetry and live music. The company aims to explore the massive variety of disciplines that exist within theatre and the arts and bring them together to tell exciting and engaging stories.

Check out Plastic Ashtray's Instagram account, and also a blog post about why this opportunity is exciting for them.

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Joana will participate in the 6-day Puppet Making Course with Judith Hope at the 2019 festival

Joana Feijó is a puppet builder and theatre maker from Lisbon, Portugal now based in the North East of England. They have a background in ceramic sculpture and, since attending East 15 Acting school, have tried to bring together their love of plastic and performing arts. Often working freelance, Joana's interests lie in the exploration of identity and humanity, through the lenses of culture, gender and sexuality.

Check out Joana's website here and their Facebook page, and also a blog post about why this opportunity is exciting for them.